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In tax planning, knowledge is cash in your pocket. Any form of tax planning where your affairs are arranged within the framework of the law to minimize your taxes, is perfectly legitimate and legal. 

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You can also print a checklist of items needed for the 
preparation of your tax return. 
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In the event of an audit, we can help to reconstruct your documentation
so as to defend your rights and avoid penalties and interest.


Canadian residents are taxed on WORLD income in Canadian dollars. If you pay taxes in a foreign jurisdiction, you may be eligible for a foreign tax credit in Canada. Canadian residents are now required to disclose foreign asset holding in excess of $100,000 Canadian. The penalty for not reporting foreign assets is as high as $12,000 ($500 per month for 24 months) plus 5%of the total cost of the foreign holdings.

Canadian personal and corporate tax filers are required to keep all books and records for a six year period following the last day of the tax year in which the return for the year was filed. If you file an amendment in a later year, you must wait for six years after the date the amendment was filed.

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